Monday, July 25, 2005

Home Sweet Home.....

Miss Dashwood was a hit! I had a great time at my friend's baby shower for her soon to arrive home little girl. She and her husband are adopting and they have been waiting to go over and pick up their little bundle of joy for months now. I am very excited for them! Plus the whole thing gave me hope that if I someday can't birth babies it would be just as awesome to adopt.

Visiting people's homes always gets me thinking and this last weekend I was the houses of two friends I have not been to before. I came home from the second one thinking "my condo is a dump - why doesn't it look like their house???" I continued to ponder this thought and realized that for some reason whenever I go over to a home that looks like it popped out of the Pottery Barn I become insanely jealous. I want that furniture, that paint, those curtains - even the f***ing hand towels! I start thinking all of my stuff is crap and that I could never possibly be as stylish as aforementioned person.

This time as I was green with envy I tried to gain some insight into my feelings. I didn't figure things out completely but I did make some progress! I realized that I had also really loved the style of the first person's home I visited this weekend. Funny thing is - these two homes were wildly different in decor and style. Pottery Barn vs. Eclectic Woo Woo with a touch of Pier One and Archie McPhee's. I think I even felt more at home in the Eclectic Woo Woo house. But for some damn reason I feel like my life should be Pottery Barn.... and it just isn't! Somehow I now know that I need to come to enjoy my Eclectic Minimally Woo Woo Hand Me Down and Antique Comfy Cosy Condo - I couldn't keep up with the cleaning the Pottery Barn would require anyway! :)


Anonymous said...

I am thrilled that your Mrs. Dashwood was such a hit..You should be very proud of your work.

As for the other stuff...sounds like a bit of restlessness. Just remember it will all work out.

Your SP

Suzanne said...

HA! Pottery Barn would definitely take too much effort. I hear you girl! You know, you're home probably has more style than you think. It's just that you're so used to it you don't notice it anymore. But if those friends came over they'd probably be able to describe your decor style too. And change can be fun too. It's amazing what a coat of paint can do for a room.

(Dashwood had to be a was too cute for words!)

Sarah said...

Of course Miss Dashwood was a hit, she's perfect! How exciting for your friend, what a wonderful thing it is to be able to adopt! And, I know exactly how you feel about your house, I feel fine about mine, that is until I go to someone elses . . . and then I just want to move and try again! What are ya gonna do?!

Liberty's Yarn said...

Your Miss Dashwood is so adorable!

I know what you mean about decor envy. I have two family members that just bought houses and are in the process of decorating. I don't even want to talk to them anymore, it bugs me to hear about all of then new furniture and stuff that they are buying. :-) We always want what we don't have.