Saturday, August 27, 2005

Crumpets - the Late Night View....

Yes, I did take this picture in my bathroom - But I just couldn't wait to put up a pic of Crumpets! The party is tomorrow (I had my weekends mixed up) and I just finished her. She's a bit big for Miss Tamzin who will eventually be wearing her... But I know she will grow into her Crumpets! I'm not sure about the elastic inside and I rewove the ribbon about four times trying to find just the right look! I am so happy that she is done! Crumpets was a fun yet challenging knit - I learned bunches while making her. This may be the most complex project I have done thus far! :)

Technical specs: I used almost three skeins of Cotton Ease in Candy Blue. Did the picot cast on from Vogue Knitting (Boy was that fun - Not So Much!!!), made adjustments in the ties, and used more beads than the pattern called for - not sure how many but maybe 1 and a half times the amount. I swatched and then cast on for the 1 year old size - but as the bodice came together I realized this was going to fit a two year old! I adjusted the length to compensate. Lined the bodice with elastic. If I made this again I would possibly use a smaller size needle as she seems a bit loosely knit. I would also buy a longer length of ribbon than the pattern calls for. I'm not sure I'd use the Cotton Ease again as it was VERY splitty on the needles. Note to self - if you make this again make the ties way way longer than you think they need to be! PS I never knew I could LOVE - I mean LOVE my iron! I touched the dress up a bit with the iron and it made all the difference in the world - especially on the crochet edging on the bottom!

Sunday, August 21, 2005

RIP Six Feet Under

I can't believe it is over. I was mourning the passing of this, my all time favorite TV show, as I watched the final episode tonight. This got me to thinking..... Why do I care so much about this TV show ending??? Then I realized - this show has been there during an interesting time in my life. I have watched it from ages 25-30; times where I have personally changed greatly. I have switched jobs, opened a business, ended a long term relationship and come to understand many things about myself as a person overall. This simple TV show has always touched me emotionally - made me laugh and made me cry. However it is now ending. An ending of a time in my life but also moving into something new..... I wonder what life will hold?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Plodding Along

I haven't been in the best of moods lately (major understatement) and that's been effecting my knitting progress somewhat. Clapotis is a bit further along but not really worth another picture yet. However this is the Corner to Corner Baby Blanket that I am working on for a special little someone

It's knitting up pretty quickly and it's interesting to watch the way the yarn is making patterns on it's own as I knit. I am not sure that I would do this exact pattern again as it is a bit boring - maybe just a tad to easy for my taste at the moment.

Crumpets has been blocked (hah - my version of blocking that is!) But I am still working on the elastic. I will for sure take a picture of her before she is given away this Saturday! :)

Finally, I am excited on the secret pal front - I have one more giftie to send my pal - and this one is the big one... I am looking forward to seeing what she thinks of my choices. I have been loving how my pal keeps commenting on my blog - it definitely makes me feel special! :) At the moment I am trying to decide if I should do Secret Pal 6 but my mind isn't sure yet.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

The Beginnings of Clapotis

To me that title sounds a little like a STD... But no Clapotis is not an STD she's a beautiful drop-stitch wrap!! My Clapotis is being made out of KnitPicks Shimmer in Happy Dance and she looks a little bit more orangeish here than she does in real life. So far it's an enjoyable pattern and a fun yarn to work with. I do kind of wish that I could have used another yarn like Lorna's Laces Lion and Lamb or Noro Silk Garden but since this baby is gonna cost me around twenty bucks you can't complain too much!

In other news my cats are shedding a ton due to the hot weather we have been having. Despite the fact that I had brushed Cider on Monday the hair was flying off him again by Wednesday. After I brushed him I somehow ended up flattening the hair out and this was the result:

I can't decide if it is more of a hat, a Yarmulke or a Toupe. My mother thinks it should have ties somewhat like Crumpets. Even though I was talking with KE about knitting with cat fur at the Yarn Harlot's book signing I think making icords out of cat fur is a bit of an adventure that I am not yet ready to tackle.

Oh and yes - even though I arrived late and it was incredibly hot upstairs the Yarn Harlot's reading was wonderful! I laughed a lot and made some progress on Clapotis, ate yummy cake and drank lemonade and had a delightful chat with KE and her husband and met Stephanie and her sign my book. Also I found out I was famous... For my toilet picture.... At least I now definitely know that I have blog readers! I may be famous for a toilet picture but it's a start! :)

Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How Glad Am I...

That I am paying astronomical monthly dues to my condo association and a sky high mortgage payment to live next to a neighbor whose porch looks like this?

Yes, you are correct, it is a toilet. A toilet set out on her porch. How lovely. Bonus - it is currently being used as a table for her ashtray. Beautiful.

Monday, August 01, 2005

My Secret Pal is Psychic and Canadian Eh?

(Trying to fight the screaming associated with the post I just wrote getting deleted due to my pop up blocker) I can't recreate it at the moment - just can't do it. So let's just say ~

My secret pal sent me way cool stuff. A hand knit scarf, a nifty magazine, some cute sticky notes and three balls of Patons Grace in Azure. My pal is psychic because I had been wanting some cotton yarn to do some crocheting but couldn't bring myself to indulge in this treat. I was also excited to see my pal is Canadian - I don't think I have ever received an Air Mail package before :)

On the knitting front - Crumpets is done but needs to be blocked - pictures will follow soon! I have begun Clapotis and I need to start a baby blanket for my cousin and her boyfriend who are expecting a little boy in Nov. I picked up some Patons Pixie yarn but am now worried about using it as it is discontinued and some people have said they hated working with it. But it is fluffy and cute and my cousin LOVES soft fluffy stuff! Now I just need to find a pattern for it.... Any suggestions???

By the way - Stitch and Pitch was fun! :) I made a bunch of progress finishing Crumpets and the night was beautiful!!! I now think all sporting events should have a night like this! :)