Tuesday, August 02, 2005

How Glad Am I...

That I am paying astronomical monthly dues to my condo association and a sky high mortgage payment to live next to a neighbor whose porch looks like this?

Yes, you are correct, it is a toilet. A toilet set out on her porch. How lovely. Bonus - it is currently being used as a table for her ashtray. Beautiful.


The Muser said...

ok WOW. I guess you should look on the bright side- after all, it isn't a WORKING toilet, right? So you won't have to be treated to your neighbor's bathroom habits when you're outside grilling a burger..... (I'm trying to see the positive here, but it just ain't coming). She/he sounds like a real winner *sarcastic grin*

Suzanne said...


Oh dear.

Ummm...you could knit her a toilet cozy and maybe she'd cover it up?

Sarah said...

WOW, isn't that special... neighbors RULE! I've got some super special neighbors too, not too messy, but definitely CRAZY!!! By the way I may be a little emotional the next few times I visit, due to the fact that we just found out we won't be moving to Seattle this year... I don't think I could possibly be more bummed out! Hopefully someday we'll make it back, boohoo, :( whaaaaa! OK I'm done..

Knit-Elation said...


I just had to stop by and say what a pleasure it was to stand in line with you this evening while waiting for the Yarn Harlot to sign our books. It was a lot of fun and it made the time go by very fast!

I had a great time giggling and wish you all the best (K-E)