Sunday, December 31, 2006

Happy New Year's Eve!

Happy almost 2007!

For 2007 I hope to get more knitting done than I did in 2006. Over at the Big Girl Knits list they are starting a new KAL - Cherry Bomb! I am very tempted to join in but haven't gotten around to getting any yarn yet for this project. I may surf the net tomorrow in attempt to get some - or one of my favorite LYS is having a BIG sale next week and I may just have to go! Or maybe to the big sale tomorrow at another of my favorites. Or maybe I will just relax in front of the football game with you know who and work on my cabled hat... :)

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Christmas Goodness!

Hi Everyone!

I have been suffering somewhat from the holiday blahs - long story that is - but I did want to write and tell you some about the holiday goodness I received. :)

I am excited to be in the market for a new TV! Yippee! Courtesy of the parents I am planning to buy a lovely flat screen 37 inch tv! I've never had one that big and am excited to watch some netflix movies on it!

I also received the cutest Italian Charm bracelet from the Studly Boyfriend. It has removable charms including two that look like my kitties and one that says "I'd rather be knitting" - Too cute! Also a cool fleur de lis which is very sparkly! Now we can get charms for it on our different travels and adventures.

I also was given a subscription to Interweave knits that I am VERY excited about! And the giver included a copy of this month's magazine so I am happy to be enjoying it already!

Ok that's all for now.... the knitting has come to a virtual halt for the moment... I think I need to just do another scarf or something to get me in the mood!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Ten Things

That I've been doing lately-
*Working too much as I have four different locations and two businesses I am trying to manage!
*Staring at my naked Christmas tree - we haven't had time to decorate it even though it has been in the house for a week!
*Preparing for The Studly Boyfriend to move into my condo completely!
*Trying to keep my cat medicated/on hypoallergenic food enough that he doesn't pull all of his fur out.
*Shopping for my secret pal (This was REALLY fun!!!)
*Celebrating the Studly Boyfriend's birthday with a trip to Downtown Seattle and a night at the Westin (we saw AWESOME gingerbread houses displayed there and went on the carousel! It was a great time!)
*Finishing my Christmas shopping (I am trying to do more gifts that people can REALLY use - things to do or practical presents so that they will get used and not just hidden in a closet somewhere)
*Working bit by bit on a cabled hat out of the oh-so-soft yarn that my secret pal gave me. (I want to find more time to knit but it has been REALLY hard lately)
*Trying to stay warm, dry and patient! Our power was out for at least 24 hours and I am VERY thankful and lucky that it came back on as soon as it did! The area is a bit of a disaster zone and I have realized how difficult it really would be if we had a huge natural disaster - kinda scary!

Monday, December 04, 2006

Pictures at LAST!

What I did Saturday:
Sunday's Events:
The Cutest Craft Project my Aunt made me!

My Knit Unto Others Hat:

Other finished Hats that will go to others: