Wednesday, August 30, 2006

One down... the other to go.

Sorry that these pics aren't great but I thought I would show you my latest progress....

A finished dishcloth with a dishtowel embroidered by my grandmother in the background

The back of the Jumping Dress (do you feel for me that I had to sew in all of those ends?!?)

The not so finished front.... lots of ends but less as I figured out a few tricks.....

Hopefully this will be finished SOON!

Note to self - put the dishcloth yarn DOWN! Work on Jumping Dress!

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Hurricane Katrina - One Year Later

How is it that already one year has gone by but so little is different?

Have we all forgotten? I hope not. Take some time today to remember and keep remembering.

Look here for a wealth of information - photos, stories....

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Being a Blogger is Hard Work...

You have to be creative, you have to be somewhat organized, stay on top of things, say stuff that is funny and witty....

Lately I've kinda sucked at that stuff.

I signed up for the Amazing Lace - but when I had to rip my project out for the third (I think) time I kind of gave up.... at the moment I am not even positive where that yarn is! :(

Then I started working on a dress for my friend's daughter's second birthday. The birthday has now came and went - I have only ripped back five or six times on the dress - but it still isn't done. Half is - but when I had to go through the anguish of weaving in maybe sixty ends on that side it greatly decreased my motivation.

When I was out of town I bought some lovely yarn to make socks - I tried to do two socks on two circular needles - tried it two or three times... ended up with a tangled mess... Still haven't Goggled about how to do that one....

And then I tried to make myself a lovely pair of socks out of my mom's opal yarn. I have one finished... it is a lovely shade of purple... but it is HUGE. It fits my boyfriend's foot - but it is so - purple - and I so wanted it to be for me.... not quite sure what to do about that yet.

On a positive note last night I started a ballband dishcloth from Mason Dixon Knitting. I love it! It is quick and fun and cute! I WILL finish it!

And I am trying to decide if I should do Secret Pal 9 - I really want to but I am fearful after my last two experiences - maybe the third time would be a charm????