Sunday, August 21, 2005

RIP Six Feet Under

I can't believe it is over. I was mourning the passing of this, my all time favorite TV show, as I watched the final episode tonight. This got me to thinking..... Why do I care so much about this TV show ending??? Then I realized - this show has been there during an interesting time in my life. I have watched it from ages 25-30; times where I have personally changed greatly. I have switched jobs, opened a business, ended a long term relationship and come to understand many things about myself as a person overall. This simple TV show has always touched me emotionally - made me laugh and made me cry. However it is now ending. An ending of a time in my life but also moving into something new..... I wonder what life will hold?

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Knit-Elation said...

Oh it is so sad that Six Feet Uunder is over! I loved it alot too! Oddly enough though we havent been able to watch this season at all! We are going to have to have a SFU night and watch it all On Demand! I am sure it was great! Did you like it?

Now I just wish that Sho would put "Dead Like Me" back on?

Have a great day! (K-E)