Saturday, July 16, 2005

What Do You Knit When...

You are on a cruise/beach vacation?

I am SO EXCITED!!! Two nights ago my good friend from High School Jill and I booked a cruise to the Eastern Caribbean on Holland America! We got a pretty good deal and are going to be visiting some wonderful places and I am especially happy because when we are cruising Dec 4-11 in the Caribbean with beautiful warm weather it will likely be cold and rainy in Seattle. You can see the places we are going over there on the left - I haven't been to any of them before so I am really thrilled!

We will be sailing on the ms Westerdam in a room with a balcony! I have cruised before - three times to be exact - but never to such cool places on a nice cruise line with a fabulous friend and an AWESOME room! I am really really excited (if you can't tell)! The ship even has a Culinary Arts Center which is super neat because I love cooking and I am hoping I can watch or participate in something fun there as well as spending some time (and $$ of course) in the Spa. I swear this is going to be my dream vacation! :)

So now I am already thinking - what do I bring to knit? I know we will be spending a good amount of time hanging out by the pool and relaxing on beaches when in port - most sane people would read but I figure I can knit! Can't I? I know it might be messy so maybe it isn't a good idea but there has to be a way... Some project I can take with me to enjoy while I am sailing and sunning.... Any suggestions????


Anonymous said...

Your cruise sounds like a blast!! What Islands are you visiting? (Whatever they are, you will have a ball!!)

For knitting - I recommend something simple - maybe something that has a bunch of stockinette. I did that for the plane and it was perfect. I could just zone out and knit, without having dpns or a cable needle to worry about sending flying into some other row of seats. The only other thing I considered but didn't do was starting a lace shawl to take with me to the beach - very light-weight, smushable, pack-able, and on circular needles so nothing to lose (or send flying into someone else's lap!)

And hey - did you finish Crumpets/Miss Dashwood??


jena said...

'Course you can knit!

We went on a cruise this past spring, and I brought knitting along. I didn't do as much as I thought I would, but there were a few opportunities. Even if you only knit while on the plane, it's worth it!

I worked on socks mostly, and I brought along a cotton bolero on circs. I agree with the suggestion to keep it small -- and nothing that's too precious. I put each project in its own ziplock bag to protect them from spills, etc.

Have fun!!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind if you knit on the beach as long as you don't listen to your iPod for four days straight instead of talking to me. ;-)