Saturday, July 02, 2005

The insanity of a Yarn Sale!

Today I had a very interesting knitting day. I woke up early (for me) and drove on over to Bellevue to visit a sale at what used to be Skeins Ltd. and will soon be Hilltop East. Although I have never been to the original Hilltop I the yarn and needles were on sale for 40% off so I figured I had to go! I arrived at approximately 10:15 AM - the sale was supposed to start at 10- and Oh the INSANITY! There were no parking places left and the store was PACKED! This place was the equivalent of Walmart on the day after Thanksgiving for knitters... There were people sitting on the floor looking at yarn, people crowding around yarn, people with multiple bags of yarn and luckily not too many rude people with yarn! :) I scored some great purchases (of course the stuff I was looking for was mostly gone but that didn't stop me from picking up other things) and then spent almost THREE HOURS in line to pay for said purchases. Yes, you heard me correctly - THREE HOURS!!!! The line snaked throughout the store and even though the store isn't that big it took forever! I could have just done all my shopping while standing in line to pay! By the end of the shopping extravaganza I was tired, cranky, my feet hurt and I was starving (I now know to NEVER head to a yarn store sale without eating breakfast first). However I had picked up patters for a buck each (score!) and two sets of Addi's, some DPN's as well as Manos del Uruguay, Cascade 220, Crystal Palace Squiggle, Classic Elite Bam Boo and one solitary skein of Noro Kureyon - all for 40% off!!!! Amazing! I am not sure what I am going to make with it all but that is half of the fun! I am eager to see what the store will look like in it's reincarnation and give kudos to the friendly staff for their hard work they did today! :)

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Suzanne said...

Wow! Awesome haul!!! I'm so bummed I had to miss that sale. Darn 4th of July! You have wonderful taste in yarn...I'm seething with jealousy. :)