Sunday, July 03, 2005

This Week's Additions to my Stash!

I wish I could say that my stash gets such wonderful additions each week, but unfortunately that is not the case! However, aside from the sale mentioned below I have added to my stash in a couple other ways this week!

First, my order from knitpicks finally arrived! I only say finally because it felt like it took forever - but it was still within the allotted time they quoted me for my free shipping. The Shimmer that arrived from them is beautiful and oh-so-soft! It will look great in my Clapotis and I am chomping at the bit wanting to start! However first I have to figure out how to wind it into a ball..... Any suggestions?

Secondly, I ordered some Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran from Knit2 Purl2. I was SUPER happy with the fact that I got it on sale AND it arrived VERY fast! It came in maybe three days! I would definitely order from them again!

I am so excited about all of these yummy new additions I just have to show them to you one more time!!! (But this time with my cat too!)


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your stash additions....I love the color selection. So what are your plans for them all? Oh and I love your cat..which one is it?


Lauren said...

What great stash additions :) Wow, I love the look and texture of that Bam Boo in the forefront. What are you planning to use the DB Cashmerino Aran for? I used it for a sweater, and I really liked it.

Just found your blog, and wanted to say hello :)


Anonymous said...

Hey girl - you got some GREAT yarn!! I am jealous!! I've also been thinking about making a Clapotis - you're using Shimmer? Which colorway? (I can't tell which is which yarn in the basket - but they're ALL gorgeous!)

Oh! And what I do to wind a skein into a ball (and this is my embarrassingly basic method) - I untwist the thing and put it around my neck like a necklace, then start winding around two fingers until I have enough started, take my fingers out, and keep wrapping (changing direction of wrap so as to make a ball shape) until it's done. I get used to pausing to wind some yarn from around my neck, wrap, pause and unwind, wrap... etc. Told you it was basic - but it's the easiest and non-tangliest way I found to do it by myself without a swift and a ball winder.

How is your Crumpets coming???