Wednesday, July 06, 2005

I have readers!!!! (and crumpets progress)

OMG! I was looking at my blog today for some reason and I noticed there were comments that hadn't arrived in my email box! How thrilled am I to know that there are really people who even looked at it besides my secret pal! (Not that I don't appreciate your comments SP!)

Aside from taking the photos of my stash additions and my cat Cider, I haven't delved into them yet. I am still working on crumpets - no major errors to report however the yarn got SUPER tangled the other night so I had to cut part of it and then spend hours winding it into a ball. I am a bit worried that all that bead stringing is going to have to be redone from my cutting but at least the yarn is usable again. (Note to self - NEVER buy cheap yarn again).

I was having another thought today as I was doing my laundry. Why is it that Knitters and Druggies have a "Stash"? Do other people with hobbies have a "Stash"? I have never heard my friends who are into gardening, or reading, or cooking refer to their "Stash" of plants, books or cooking utensils. Knitters however are a different breed - we hoard our yarn, frequently are "jonesing" for a new fiber, ohh and ahh over the different options we can purchase much as one might be thrilled in a "coffee shop" in Amsterdam if they were a pothead! Now maybe I am naive and other there are other hobbies where people are as fanatic about their "Stash" as knitters. However I think I know one or two people who seem as addicted to knitting or yarn as one might be to crack! (Not naming any names here) :) Maybe we need a new saying - something like "Rugs, not Drugs."


Anonymous said...

Your Crumpets looks great! I love it in blue - you are doing beatiful work!

Anonymous said...

Love it! Love it! Love it!!!!
It is looking like I am going to have to make that for my cousin's little girl soon....your doing a wonderful job. Pat yourself on the back. SP

Suzanne said...

Rugs not Drugs?!!!!

HAHAHAHHAHAHHAH. It's great - I love it. Yah, I've thought about the term "stash" too. I thought opening a knitting store called "Stash" might be fun...but then I thought about what kind of attention it might draw. ;)

katrina said...

I know what you mean about having readers! I just got a comment on my blog from someone who wasn't my secret pal. It was amazing!