Monday, July 18, 2005

Miss Dashwood

Here she is... or at least most of what is done thus far. I have also finished the earflaps but I became so frustrated with the ties that I stopped and did the finishing on the hat and the earflaps (a definite sign of frustration when I am WANTING to sew in the ends!) She wasn't too difficult to knit. This picot cast on was sooooo much easier than the one in the Vogue Knitting book. I know there are a few mistakes in her but I am hoping a non knitters eye will not notice them. ;) Now if I can just motivate myself to make those ties. I frogged the first one two or three times already and considered I cord but I really want to do the one from the pattern because I think it is pretty.


Suzanne said...

She looks beautemous! Lovely work. I looked and looked and didn't see a single "oops". ;)

Anonymous said...

Looks awesome my dear pal.
You do good work....I think I might have to try this one...would be great for the babyshowers coming up in the future.