Friday, June 10, 2005

The Memories that Objects Hold

I woke up this morning to my cell phone ringing from some number I didn't know and the person left no message... I hate that! And what business did they have calling so early anyway! Grrr! As I was laying in bed I started to think about the memories that knitting can hold. This purple cable scarf that I have been working on (or not working on) for months now. I was remembering when I bought the yarn for it in January. I took it on a trip with me so that I would have something to do on the plane and in any down time. The trip was to visit my Grandmother for her birthday. She had recently been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer and there was a feeling this would be the last one she had a chance to celebrate. Well, she was not doing great but still able to be with the family and get out and do some stuff. She was interested in my knitting and kept telling everyone who saw it how good I was at it. (Thanks Grandma!) Somehow there is this bittersweet feeling in the fact that I shared it with her, that she saw me working on it and commented on it. That we shared the creation of that object. But now I can't finish it. I started to wonder if my struggling to finish it had to do partially with saying goodbye to her. She did pass away about a month later. So now I have this incomplete project that somehow reminds me of that time that I want to finish and yet don't want to finish..... Go figure.

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T.R.L. said...

Jennifer- hi. Thank you for your encouraging words. I kind of use the blog as a diary and although I knew it was out there, I never really thought anyone read it. But thanks again. Oh yeah, I never could get the hang of that knitting thing!!!