Monday, June 27, 2005

11 Things I have learned so far from Crumpets

1) The Vogue Knitting picot cast on is a b****, but it stays intact if you have to frog the part you have knit so far.

2) It is best not to work on a complicated project at 1 AM.

3) When working on a complicated project at 1AM ALWAYS, ALWAYS check off the rows on your pattern after you knit them.

4) When working on a complicated project before 1AM check off the rows of your pattern after you knit them.

5) If knitting after 1AM refer to rules 3 and 4.

6) Knitting is a way to learn patience.

7) Be careful what you ask for - you just might get it.

8) If you aren't' a patient person but you think you should work on becoming more patient you will encounter something that really tests your patience (like knitting).

9) If you care about the person you are knitting the object for that tests your patience when you mess it up you will frog it and learn patience instead of just going on with it looking all messed up.

10) Start projects WAY WAY in advance of when you need to finish them.

11) Don't forget to keep track of what row you are on when you are knitting (Check it off!!!!)

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Anonymous said...

Oh Jennifer (hugs)
I am so sorry this is causing you so many problems. But as you have pointed out there are always lessons to learn and patience is one of the most difficult.
Keep on plodding along.