Thursday, October 05, 2006

Planning begins....

So this post won't be so knitting related - I realized that I am wanting to ramble about something else for a bit and have a space where I can keep track of my --- Trip Planning!!!! I am really really hoping to go to Mardi Gras this year and thought that I would keep you all up to date with those plans - and who knows maybe someone will even give me some good lodging suggestions or Mardi Gras hints!

I've never done Mardi Gras before - and I have great excitement but also some fears about it I guess. I am not sure that I can even imagine what the crowds are like.... but I've been to many crowded events in DC and NYC before so I suppose if I could survive them I will be fine!

On the other hand - I am just SO excited to experience the whole thing! The people, the parades and floats, yummy drinks, beads beads and more beads and just to be back to the New Orleans culture in general. I really miss Nola and hope that some day I actually have the chance to live there or at least stay for an extended time.

The first task at the moment for this trip is finding a place to stay.... It is INSANE to me how much rooms are costing! Looking on Orbitz right now even staying at the Holiday Inn (not my favorite) is $204 a night.... the Ramada is $299 - based on those quotes - and the fact that it would be more fun - I'll be looking into B&B's! Anyone have any suggestions? :)


The Muser said...

My suggestion for your Mardi Gras trip: try to walk in the middle of the street. The sidewalks and gutters are full of pee and puke. Oh, also bring one of those hospital face masks that is nicely scented. Becuase the streets smell like the aforementioned pee and puke. Finally, drink lots of hurricanes and don't carry a purse (there are gypsies in NOLA, you know).

cecily said...

hallo! i just wanted to make sure that you got your new SP info. could you please email me back? thanks!