Sunday, October 22, 2006

My weekend...

I ALMOST have the Jumping dress finished- Just need to sew in one more end!

I worked a bit on the ribbed scarf made out of the neat super chunky variegated yarn my last intern got me. I am using lantern moon straight needles. They are so pretty to knit with but I still love my circulars!

Speaking of circulars- I organized all of mine in a neat-o needle organizer I got months ago from my LYS! I even used my labeler to mark the needle sizes and lengths! I now know what I have - and don't! ;)

I made a teeny bit more progress at organizing my house. I am trying to get rid of lots of magazines, books and other random stuff that is just hanging around. I did organize all of my makeup! Yippee!

Saw an interesting film - Jesus Camp

Ate yummy healthy Indian food with my cooking club!

Did TONS of laundry- Oh why won't it just fold itself!!!

Overall a good weekend!

I promise pictures soon of said knitting content!

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