Thursday, October 13, 2005

Rita is Coming.

September 24

We avoided a hurricane in Shreveport but sure experienced a big storm! This morning I went with my coworker to Walmart for supplies incase we got stuck in the shelter for a night (or more) and the generator was on as the power was out. The automatic doors there were not so automatic. There were no more flashlinghts and water was going fast. It was pouring down rain and it was super windy. My coworker had to get gas in the car and when she got back in she was SOAKED - wet hair, wet clothes, barely able to see out of her glasses!

The kids were getting antsy today. They couldn't go outside at all due to the bad weather and they so wanted to play. So I worked with some other volunteers to set up a playroom for the kids. It was somewhat of a challenge as many of our supplies had accidentally been diverted to a different shelter but someone had done some shopping and we had books, puzzles, a few games, crayons, markers and paper and were good to go. A couple of parents and teens volunteered to help and this made all the difference in the world. Thank God for those two moms!

The fact that Rita is moving through seemed to be increasing the anxiety for some. I am guessing that especially for the kids the memory of Katrina was sparked intensely by hearing about Rita. Also some of these clients have family that may be near where Rita is hitting hardest. A very difficult situation.

Although we came prepared we didn't have to sleep at the gym as Rita wasn't a hurricane when she got to us. We headed home (i.e. the hotel) to sleep in our beds after an exhausting day.

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Sheryl said...

This was amazing reading. I live in the Houston area and helped at our church's shelter. I can't imagine the work that goes into what you all do. Thanks!