Saturday, October 22, 2005

Filled up Emotionally.

September 26

By the end of the day I am filled up emotionally. I start out the day find but after hours of having to say no or having to deal with angry people I just want to cry, decompress with someone and relax. The challenging part is that I few like few people can understand aside from other Red Cross workers and maybe my friends who do mental health. This makes it more difficult to call home and talk to people who are "regular" friends. Some daily things seem so trivial in comparison to things that are going on here. Although I haven't specifically been focused on mental health issues the whole time just hearing stories and talking to people can be pretty overwhelming.

Today I met a man who had lived in his attic for 2 days in New Orleans before he was rescued by a boat. He has much more going on in his life as well with his health especially but he was determined not to let the experience get him down. The day was also frustrating dealing with supply issues - or rather ways to distribute things to kids. Everyone began to argue and want more and more but also wouldn't take care of the things they got. A total mess and upsetting in general to me. But I am trying to put this all in perspective.

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