Thursday, January 03, 2008

Where the heck is my knitting???

It's totally lost... somewhere I have a finished pair of striped socks (a valentine's day color scheme that I didn't knit in time to wear for V-Day last year), an almost finished pair of striped socks in Mariners colors, the yarn for a red scarf, and the knitting needles that go along with these projects. I am so irritated that I let myself not keep better track of this stuff... I know it is in a box as we have been trying to organize things around here and somewhere there is a box of random knitting things we found around the house... but do I know where that box is????? NOOOOO!!!! Blah! I have been thinking for days now that this is the perfect excuse to order me some of those knitpicks interchangeable needles... Should I do it?

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