Sunday, January 06, 2008

50(?) Places for Breakfast

So Seattle Metropolitan Magazine had a cover that we couldn't resist - a yummy pile of Blueberry pancakes and the claim that they were listing the 50 best breakfast spots in Seattle (However for some very bizarre reason they only list 48 not 50). The Studly Boyfriend realized that we had been to quite a few... so I thought I would list those out that we have visited and where we still want to go. We tend to get stuck in a rut with places and go back to the same ones over and over. This should give us easy inspiration to try something new! Maybe I will add some of our other faves too!

Been There Done That:
Atlas Foods
Chace's Pancake Corral
Coastal Kitchen
Endolyne Joe's
The Hi-Life
Hi Spot Cafe
The Hurricane Cafe
Jade Garden
Mae's Phinney Ridge Cafe
Maltby Cafe
Original Pancake House
Portage Bay Cafe
Salish Lodge
Salty's Seafood Grill (Seattle)

Hmmm that only adds up to 17... It seemed like we had been to more than that.

Still to Visit:
Boat Street Kitchen
Cafe Besalu
Cafe Champagne
Cafe Flora
Cafe Presse
Calcutta Grill
Cyndy's House of Pancakes
The Dish Cafe
Eats Market Cafe
El Greco*
The Georgian Fairmont Olympic Hotel*
Geraldine's Counter*
Library Bistro and Bar
Linda's Tavern*
Luna Park Cafe
Macrina Bakery
Madison Park Cafe
0/8 Seafood Grill
Peso's Kitchen and Lounge
Senor Moose Cafe
Skillet Street Food
Sweet and Savory
35th Street Bistro
Volunteer Park Cafe and Marketplace
*Been to these - but not for Breakfast

Our Other Seattle Area Breakfast Favorites:
Patty's Eggnest (Lynnwood and Seattle)
St. Cloud's
Blue Onion Bistro
Sunflower Bakery Cafe
Easy Street Records and Cafe
The Bay Cafe
Salmon Bay Cafe
Egg Cetera Blue Star Cafe and Pub

The plan is to try one of the "new to us" ones tomorrow... I wonder how long it would take us to get through them all! Any of them that you have been to that you think we should move to the top of the Must Eat At list???

PS - I found the knitting :)


erin said...

It didn't make the list, but 611 Supreme in Capitol Hill has amazing crepe breakfasts.

Anonymous said...

you have GOT TO TRY Cafe Moose in Ballard on Leary-on a weekend breakfast!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it was great!! especially theHuevos Rancheros! small kitsy fabulous decor- great COFFEE and appeal! my boyfriend and i tried something new last week and this was excellent!

I also tried Pesos on lower queen anne for breakfast about only thing open on new years- it was good(atmosphere, morning drinks)- but not as authentically good and simple as Moose