Thursday, February 15, 2007

I HEART The House on Bayou Road!!!

We made it! After a LONG day of traveling we've arrived in New Orleans. We actually got to our B&B around 3 AM last night. There were good and bad parts to the travel - good part: we voluntarily gave up our seats on the plane and got travel vouchers we can put toward another trip; Bad part: the new plane we were on broke - literally - the electric system went haywire and of course they left us all sitting there for awhile and then we all had to get off the plane and go to a different gate where we got a new plane and eventually took off. That ordeal made us get in a couple hours later than we had hoped - but when we got to the airport it turned out all of the itsy bitsy cars like the one I had reserved were out so we got a free upgrade! :)

We used the Studly Boyfriend's laptop GPS system to safely (and enjoyably) guide us to the drugstore and then to our residence for the week. I was a bit unsure when we started to drive through the mid city neighborhood as it is still pretty messed up from Katrina- but we pulled up in front of an oh-so-cute house and got directions to our room.

I think I squealed as I walked in - it was SO CUTE!!! I'm not sure that I've ever stayed on vacation in a room with 15 foot ceilings. The room is lovely with a hallway as you walk in complete with an antique hall tree for hanging your coat (I should have brought a warmer one - it's FREEZING here) and assorted other antique furniture. The four poster bed is comfy with a feather bed and oh-so-soft cotton sheets. The artwork is beautiful, the gold paint on the walls is beautiful and I LOVE the fireplace!!!!

Oh yah - then there's the bathroom! You open the cute little double doors to a pedestal sink and a vanity table complete with bench and place to apply your lotions and potions. There was a rubber ducky sitting on the bathtub cheerfully greeting us, the towels are fluffy and large and even smell good! Plus - how often do you get to take a shower in a room with 15 foot ceilings and where you can look up at the chandelier! I LOVE IT!!!! We aren't even in the fanciest room (I asked to see a couple others this morning just cause I was curious). Some of the others are even bigger with huge sitting rooms or soaking tubs.

But wait! There's more! This isn't just a regular hotel - it's a Bed & BREAKFAST right?! Um OK I was thinking maybe we would get a little continental buffet breakfast thing... but nope! Wrong! Not at The House on Bayou Road! This morning we wandered over to the main house - past the pool and hot tub and pond to a lavish and delicious cooked just for us breakfast! We sipped coffee and OJ while eating grapefruit garnished with a decoratively cut strawberry as we listened to jazz and I could hear sounds of the lovely chef - MAKING OUR OMELETTE'S! She then brought out the main course consisting of ham, English muffin and pepper and cheese omelette's. SO GOOD! We enjoyed every bite and had the pleasure of meeting the Manager who filled us in on the in's and outs of HOBR and offered us general tourist info.

Then we went back and took a nap!

So far I LOVE The House on Bayou Road and WILL stay here again!

Bye y'all! We gotta get ready for some parades!!!


The Muser said...

I'm so glad you guys are having a good time! I want to see photos when you get back, by the way :)

Secret Pal said...

Wow, the B&B sounds fabulous! I stayed in a lovely B&B when I visited Edinborough and now I think there's simply not a more wonderful way to vacation!

I knew I wouldn't get your package to you before you left, but let me know when you expect to return home and I'll try to coordinate that date.