Wednesday, May 10, 2006

I haven't had much motivation to blog lately. Seems like life is just flying by...

Lately I have been thinking about blogish things I want to do. I keep thinking - I need to modify the format of the blog, add some more stuff to the sidebar, share some more pics of my recent travels with all of you, and then yesterday when I had to call the Boyfriend at home to ask him to look through my knitting needles to see if I had a size 8 I realized I could even make a page where I can keep track of that kind of stuff. How handy it would have been if I could have just looked online at work and then gone over to the yarn store to pick up those size eights!

In other news I am preparing for another trip to NOLA. I am interested to see what (if anything) has changed there since Jan. Let's just say I am not feeling hopeful. I am excited that I will be there over the Memorial Day weekend - I will be working during most of my trip but then I will get to have some F U N!!! Yippee!

I have a number of finished projects I should show y'all - maybe later tonight.... and then there is the new project I have begun. Details to follow!

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