Monday, April 17, 2006

The Goods Have Arrived!

When I got home tonight I didn't check my mail - figured it was unlikely anything good had come. However when I went to and checked the status of my package that was shipped on the 15th I found that - It had been DELIVERED!!!!! I almost - almost ran down the three flights of stairs in my pajamas and flip flops to get it - but I thought better of it and asked the Studly Boyfriend to check my mail for me. The anticipation was killing me as he was walking up the stairs (at what felt like a very slow pace!)!

Inside the box were the three books I have been wanting for the last month! Yippee! I had already looked at One Skein in the store - so I have some ideas of what I am going to knit out of there and I am saving the The Yarn Harlot's new book for in bed reading tonight but I immediately cracked the spine of Big Girl Knits!

I had been wanting this book since I heard about it's conception. And I am so excited to have it - from the twenty minutes or so I have spent looking through it it looks like a great resource for beautiful patterns as well as wonderful guidelines on measuring, fit, etc.

But alas it also made me sad.... The book is divided into three guidelines for fit - Boobs, Belly and Butt - now I see the value in this totally and I was so excited to have patterns that would flatter me, A Belly Girl - but I have to say - I love the Boob patterns!!! Some of the patterns are supposed to work for big girls of all shapes, but many are specified. To me all of the belly ones look rather - big - they seem like a ton of fabric. I pictured myself knitting for days with the yarn that would cost me almost a week's salary to buy.

As I said, I am much more drawn to the Boob patterns but Boobs, for sure, aren't my biggest assert. There is a tank top I LOVE called Cherry Bomb - recommended for Boobs and Butts, not Bellies. A great coat - the Natalie Coat - but again for Boob and Butt girls. And then the oh so cute Curvalicious Cardigan - yeah it will look great on ya - oh - as long as you aren't a Belly girl! GRRRR.

So I like the book but am now feeling a tad frustrated - with it and my belly body...

I know I sound like a whiner... :( I still recommend the book for the reasons above but why oh why can't I love the Belly pattern?!?

OK now I am off to dry my tears ;) and to figure out some good yarn substitutions for some of the patterns in the book (I am considering Bombshell and Lift and Separate).

PS Note the Marshmallow bunny in the pic? Studly Boyfriend knew I was lamenting not getting a one for Easter (they are my fav Easter candy) so he went out and picked me up a WHOLE BOX today! (Can you freeze marshmallow?!?)

PPS the afghan in the back was knit (?) by my maternal grandmother - anyone know how she managed to do that? It has all of these cool little strips with pieces reaching up into other strips - hard to explain, maybe I will take a closer photo someday!


Anonymous said...

Your afghan looks like double or treble crochet to me. But it's hard to tell without a closer picture.

Theresa said...

Hi, your afghan is crocheted, not knit. It's wonderful to have something that Grandma made! I'm mostly a knitter, but crocheting can be fun too. I was wondering, I heard there was supposed to be a shawl for big girls in the there and if so is it nice? I'm trying to decided whether or not to get this. I'm *definitely* a belly girl after having twins! LOL I'm also 40 and wondered if the designs might be too "hip" for me...what do you think? (I read your post on the AK list, btw)

The Muser said...

Hey, I've got boobs! You can make me a curvilicious cardigan! :)
Oh, and btw.. having big boobs ain't always what it's cracked up to be.

Theresa said...

What a great mail day!

Duchess said...

Wow, I wish my mailbox was that interesting! Have fun.

Ginger said...

Great books, all of them. I have Big Girl Knits out from the library, it is going to be one I end up purchaseing, love it.