Wednesday, January 11, 2006

New Orleans is Alive (well some of it anyway)!

So I meant to blog everyday while I was here - but obviously that hasn't happened! Today I actually shouldn't be blogging as it has been a kind of crappy day - but I had one happy thing to share with y'all - I picked up some yarn at the LYS so that I could make another clapotis (yeah yeah so I am not finished with my first one yet) - The yarn is a lovely hand dyed wool and I got a colorway that is grayish/bluish - I don't have the ability to take a good pic at the moment but when I do I will post it for y'all! (Notice the southern twang!) :)

I am super tired as the work has been very draining today - and note to self - if coming to New Orleans in January bring more pants - what were you thinking packing so many pairs of shorts!

Hey everyone - by the way - COME VISIT! They need you down here!


Schroeder said...

Red Cross volunteer?

I'd be interested in finding out more about your situation.

If you please:

schroeder915 at yahoo dot com

Ray Whiting said...

Hi there. THANK YOU for helping in New Orleans. Guess what... Bundle Up New Orleans can use some knitting help! here's the details:
We are making hats and scarves to be distributed at the Treme Food Bank at St. Augustine Church.