Friday, May 16, 2008

Sunshiny goodness!

Today was a beautiful day in Seattle! The sun came out and it warmed up to about 80 degrees. I found myself smiling just from feeling the sun shine down on my face. I was able to drive through the arboretum and over the floating bridge with my sunroof open and it was just spectacular! As one of my office mates said - it was a day that makes us all want to live here! I noticed the beauty in even small things - the bush as you walk to my office was filled with white flowers - they reminded me of when I was a kid and would pick the flowers in our back yard and pull out the pollen covered part on the inside and make them into little boats to float down the creek behind our house. That's a memory I haven't had in a long time.

There are other memories and thoughts I really want to share here - but blogger doesn't allow users to password protect just particular posts - It's all or nothing. This frustrates me and makes me think I may have to move to password protecting the whole thing. Blah!

Calliope is working on a new header for my blog and I am SO.EXCITED! Stay tuned!!!


koen said...

I think the endless days of gray make for spectacular awakenings of spring, don't they? I love the images of a bush of white flowers and driving with the sunroof open.

Have you considered using Wordpress instead of Blogger? I'm pretty sure they let you password protect only certain posts...

calliope said...

totally nudging you to move to wordpress.

there isn't as much css coding control, but content control is SO on your side there.

did you get the latest mock up from me?