Wednesday, December 28, 2005

I feel so advanced!

Had a wonderful holiday - better than I had expected! Enjoyed the company and got many lovely gifts - including some moolah to buy some goodies! I used the first bit of it at Bath & Body Works yesterday to get the antibacterial foaming soap I am addicted to (even though I worry that antibacterial is evil) and then today I bought my first knitting related bit... A ball winder! :) Somehow this purchase made me feel like a grown up knitter! Like I somehow actually know what I am doing if I need to possess such an object. I mean what novice knitter would need a ball winder. I don't have a swift yet - so maybe I am not a knitting adult - maybe I am a knitting teenager! Am I insane to think that I could wind a ball without a swift? We will see!

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